Abundant Life Church Discipleship Model

The Abundant Life Church's Integrated Discipleship Model is broken up into 5 categories:

Spiritual Formation

Personal Wholeness

Healthy Relationships

Vocational Clarity

Economics & Work

Spiritual Formation
Loving God With All Our Being
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Loving God's Word
  • Loving God
  • Listening and Obeying God's Voice in All Things
Personal Wholeness
Being Emotionally Healthy
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
  • Fruit of The Spirit
  • Sexual Integrity
  • Clean Conscience
  • Self Discipline & Management
Healthy Relationships
Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves
  • Blessing Generations
  • Emotionally Healthy Relationships
  • Forgiveness
  • Healthy Singleness/Marriage & Family
  • Hospitable
  • Sacrificial
  • Compassionate
Vocational Clarity
Having A Clear Sense of Personal Purpose
  • Insight Into Calling, Gifts, and Talents
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal and Family Mission
  • Mentoring
  • Stewardship
Economics & Work
Serving God At Home, Work, And In Our Communities
  • Avodah: Worship, Work, and Service Integration
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Workforce Development/Entrepreneurship
  • Workplace Theology
  • Biblical Justice