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Hello, I’m Bishop Lawrence A. Ward, your host of BLAW Live! BLAW stands for Bishop Lawrence A. Ward and we are live each Tuesday at 7pm right here at On BLAW Live – I bring you guests to discuss issues ranging from family to finances; physical and mental health; finding your spiritual gifts and so much more. All exploring how faith and life connect in the kingdom of God. So join us each Tuesday at 7pm here at alccambridge dot org slash blaw dash live or on our YouTube and Facebook pages.

It’s an opportunity to hear interesting stories and to join the conversation with your questions and comments. That’s BLAW Live with me, Bishop Lawrence A. Ward LIVE each Tuesday at 7pm! I hope to see you there!

Resources for Understanding Informed Intercession
Links and Resources available
Resources for understanding Informed Intercession
Below are links and resources available
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