Preparing for the Fast
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Fasting takes a great deal of discipline, and sometimes, it can be made even more diffcult when we have trouble finding food we can eat. After we eat the same dish over and over, it can be tempting to break the fast just to add variety to our diet. Below are some suggested meals to get you thinking about the possibilities you do have while allowing you to be faithful to the fast.


Oatmeal cooked with your choice of fruit (e.g. apples, bananas, raisins) - Whole-wheat cereal or granola with soymilk - Fruit salad - Protein shake - Fruit smoothie made with silken tofu instead of yogurt


Salads: Garden salads: consider topping with beans, nuts, or fruit for more substance & variety -Whole-wheat pasta salad -Three-bean salad -Tempeh 

Salad/Soups: - Vegetable, minestrone, or bean soup - Vegetarian Chili - Carrot ginger, sweet potato or butternut squash soup

Sandwiches: - Hummus, vegetables, tempeh, and/or tabouli in a whole-wheat pita or wrap - Falafel - “Sloppy Joes” made with beans, tofu, or tempeh instead of meat -Veggie, bean, tofu, or portabella burgers with baked potato wedges

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Meals: - Vegetable stir-fry - Vegetable curry - Indian lentils or chickpeas with brown rice - Corn, beans, onions, peppers and seasoned brown rice - Vegetable fajitas in whole-wheat tortillas - Tacos made with chickpeas or refried beans instead of meat.

Vegetable primavera or hearty vegetable marinara sauce on whole- wheat pasta.

Vegetarian casserole - Maki rolls made with vegetables &/or marinated tofu and brown rice.

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