A faith-based approach to responding to this national crisis



October 14, 2018 - Before the protests surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, before the sentencing of entertainment icon Bill Cosby, and before celebrities came out in full force condemning sexual assault in our society – the #metoo movement was already gaining traction. Now – you can’t read a newspaper, watch a newscast or log on to social media without being confronted by someone sharing their story.


We are in the midst of a crisis when it comes to sex and power in this country, but what does the Church say about rape and sexual assault? And where does the responsibility lie in our faith-based communities?


Abundant Life Church is tackling these questions head on in a forum entitled, “Faith in the #metoo Movement” this Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 10-12pm.


The panel will include Bishop Larry Ward, Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Church, Tonia Magras, an abuse survivor, and Shameka Gregory, a social worker who specializes in sexual assault and domestic violence. The panel will be moderated by Pastor Virginia Ward, Associate Pastor of Abundant Life Church, who will cover topics like:


  • What tools are there that the church can provide for individuals who wish to share their stories and seek counseling?
  • What role does the church have in the #metoo movement?
  • Why is it important that the church step up in this very important time in our country and help victims and survivors through their experiences?


Pastor Ward, and the rest of the panel, will also take questions and comments from the audience.


The goal is to confront issues being discussed in the mainstream media around issues of sexual assault; the trauma; who to believe; and the responsibility of individuals when it comes to behavior from a faith-based approach from the leaders of the Abundant Life Church.


The forum will also engage in these very difficult discussions – letting members and guests know that:

  • It is okay to have questions, concerns or even stories to share and that this is a place that will be safe;
  • We are all in this together;
  • Our collective attitude towards a world free of sexual assault is all of our responsibility; and,
  • What does the bible say about sexual assault and where can we go for answers.


The panel will also be available after the forum to assist with any additional questions or concerns that weren’t included in the forum. There will be materials for participants to take home as well as a list of local resources on the Abundant Life Church website.


Abundant Life Church is dedicated to recognizing that sexual assault and the #metoo movement is an important part of what is shaping our culture now and that there is a responsibility the church and faith leaders must take charge of in facing these difficult issues.


This event is free and open to the public.



Pastor Lonnie Daniels or Tonia Magras

Abundant Life Church

47 Howard Street

Cambridge, MA 02139