Holistic Care and Living A Stress-Free Life!

Join us for a panel discussion during our 10am service as we talk about what it means to have holistic self care and living a stress-free life.

A proper diet, sleep and exercise are all ingredients to a healthy lifestyle, but what are you doing to achieve holistic self care? And where are you on the road to living a stress-free life?

Our special guest panelists include:

Dr. Anne Fishel

Dr. Katia Canenguez

with Bishop Lawrence A. Ward

Read some articles from our experts:

"Self Care and the Importance of ME Time"

"The Family Dinner Project"

Dr. Katia Canenguez

Click HERE to see her Bio

Dr. Anne Fishel

Click HERE to see her Bio

Meet Your Neighbor Day is this Sunday, September 15. See what's happening!

Meet Your Neighbor Day is this Sunday: September 15, 2019
You can view a PDF with all of the events on the City of Cambridge website.
And you can find an updated map and details at HERE.

We hope you will find an event and take part – and maybe next year, organize one too!

• St. James's Meet Your Neighbor Day

• Community Picnic at Clement Morgan Park

• Snack Social

• Abundant Life Church Annual Block Party

• Kinnaird Street Block Party

• Tremont Street Fall Block Party

• Kingsley Park Family Picnic

• City Councilor Denise Simmons Meet Your Neighbor Day Community Building Event

• Mayor Marc McGovern's Meet Your Neighbor Party!

• Historical Tour of The Port Neighborhood

• Pentecostal Tabernacle Community Picnic

• Afternoon "Tea"

• Meet Your (Canine) Neighbor Day

• Neighborhood Kitchen

• North Cambridge Open Dinner
And four more events in the coming days and weeks!

Recognizing the power of grassroots, locally-based action, this is a Cambridge-specific approach to building connections and community in our amazing city. Inspired by the growing need to connect with each other, we have borrowed from two national initiatives, and adapted them to fit the needs of our city. Meet Your Neighbor Day is built on the foundation of two nationwide efforts — Welcoming America’s “Welcoming Week” and the “National Neighborhood Day” initiative.




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Youth ages 10 to 18 (grades 6-12) are welcome at weekly youth sessions and to participate in the various interactive events hosted by Refuge.




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