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This Week's Prayer Theme - November 29 - December 4, 2021
Weekly Prayer, Monday - Friday from 6:00AM - 6:30AM; Saturday: Corporate Prayer from 9:00AM - 10:00AM

Prayer Theme:

Experiencing and acknowledging God’s name

As we approach the season of Advent, it is essential that we recognize that Jesus not only brought salvation to the world but established our new identity in him.

Every believer can experience Jesus Christ as declared by the Prophet Isaiah. In Isaiah 9:6 (b):- “... he shall be called, Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

Let us not allow the challenges and issues of life to cause us to forget who God is and who we are as we move through this season.

Monday: Pray that we experience God as, “Wonderful Counselor” as we make life’s decisions. (James 1:5-8)

Tuesday: Pray that we acknowledge God as, “The mighty God” in all areas and places in our life. (Deut. 11:1-4)

Wednesday: Pray that we experience God as, “The Everlasting Father” and Know what it means for us. (Isaiah 26:1-4)

Thursday: Pray that we experience God as, “The Prince of Peace” during the challenges, and uncertainties of life. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Friday: Praise God for the gift of salvation and the love he has for us. (1 John 4:9-12)

Saturday: Corporate Prayer 9:00AM - 10:00AM

Prayer line number: (605) 475-4000

Passcode: 984815

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