A Healthy Spin on Chicken and Rice

You’ve heard of Chicken and Rice, but have you heard of Tofu and Quinoa?🤔
The quinoa was, a first, a vehicle for soaking up the extra sauce from my tofu, but it became a thing! Here’s another quick and easy plant-based meal. Here’s how to make it happen;
▫️Soy Sauce
▫️Toasted Sesame Oil
▫️Rice wine vinegar
▫️Minced Garlic
▫️Red pepper flakes
▫️Sugar or Honey (if using)
🔺Cut and press your tofu
🔺Soak in marinade for about 20 minute
🔺Coat tofu in nutritional yeast
🔺Bake at 425 for 25 minutes or desired crispiness, flipping halfway through.
🔺Make your quinoa and throw it all together!

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