The Three R's

This is your reminder that sometimes you have to shift, and that’s okay!! In life we go through many difficulties and there are situations that come to derail us. Sometimes it is an injury, sometimes it is a job loss, sometimes it's grief. No matter the circumstance, you can always use
The Three R's:

Refocus, Reprioritize, and Restart!

Refocus: Gain a new perspective of the situation. What is your new reality and how can you see things from a different light?

Reprioritize: Set some new goals that are aligned with your present reality. Even though it seems easier to spiral and give up or keep pushing as if nothing has happened, creating a new set of priorities to work towards may be just what you need.

Restart: Start moving forward towards your new goals!

Don't be afraid to shift in a new direction. Sometimes that is what God needs for us to do. God may not create these moments, but He will use them to get us where He needs us to be.

What comes first is the natural body, then the spiritual body comes later.
1 Corinthians 15:46

A good place to starting is setting new physical goals. One thing I have found is that disciplining and training the bod y helps to align every other area of our lives. Here's a quick routine to get you started:

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